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"Ain’t Livin’ A Love Song"

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Lyla Joyce

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Bending & breaking boundaries between country, pop and rock. "That's right... I'm doing it all!"

With her roots minded song "Collecting Dust", she transcends you intro the soul of a musician through her lyrics and melody.

Pop driven hooks, like in the single "Drunk", paved the way for the album appealing to young audiences as well as traditional country listeners.

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"Ain’t Livin’ A Love Song" Music video
"Drunk" Music video
"Collecting Dust" Music video


Lyla Joyce

Lyla Joyce is a singer/songwriter whose music combines hooky pop melodies, rock n’ roll soul and a Texas country twang. She is known for belting and performing her songs unashamedly, with lyrics that talk about heartache, the search for love and self empowerment.

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Lyla began her career on stage at the very young age of 11, performing in dive bars, cowboy saloon halls and Country festivals. Next steps were performing national and international and having her first album under publishing of Universal records.

Music is not just an option for Lyla... it is her life and passion. It was an easy step to take all that depth and put it into writing songs that would tell her authentic life and let her voice shine. After years of working through her craft on her own, she met the very established and intuitive producer Mikal Blue (Danielle Bradberry, Colbie Callait) in Los Angles, CA. They produced an EP full of hit songs... gut wrenching, ear worm... cry in your beer songs!

Look out for her new releases as she performs, connects with new fans, and breaks all the rules while doing it. Lyla Joyce is a true Texas country rebel with wildfire in her eyes and ready to tell her story to the world.


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